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Summer Bags

Summer Bags

The summer bag, the ultimate accessory to enhance your look

In addition to its practicality, the summer bag is the little finishing touch that enhances your summer outfit and gives it character. It comes in an infinite variety of forms: leather saddlebags, round straw bags, fabric backpacks, woven straw tote bags, wooden bags, bohemian chic clutches... there is something for everyone!

Straw bag: The favorite of fashionistas

Straw is a material that goes with all your clothes and all seasons. We find the famous round straw bag, the timeless round braided straw bag for a boho-chic look. The large straw basket will accompany you to the beach while the wicker purse with its small size, will be your ally at festivals. Whether it is decorated with patterns, pom poms, bangs, braided, or divinely worked, the straw bag gives personality to your style.

Wooden bag: a casual and unusual look

Ideal for the summer, the wooden bags come in many models. The large bamboo bag is perfect for a casual bohemian look and will follow you to the office, to the city or on an excursion. The rattan purse goes with your everyday clothes while bringing that casual bohemian touch.