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Large Beach Totes - My Beach Bag

Large Beach Bags

Large Beach Tote: the choice  for the whole family

A large beach bag is a must when planning a family or group outing.
In addition to your personal belongings, you'll need extra space for toys, snacks, a change of clothes for the little ones, and anything else you may need for your beach parties.

What better than an oversized beach bag to fit all that?

Ample and comfortable, a big beach bag will give you all the space to keep everything organized and enough pockets for grab-and-go access to things like sunscreen or sunglasses.

Oversized interior and Waterproof exterior: the perfect combination

While a large interior offers you all the space you need for towels, water bottles, snacks and so much more, a waterproof and sand-proof exterior will greatly facilitate the maintenance of your beach bag. This will be much appreciated after a tiring day outside.

Our collection of large beach totes bags

Whatever your style, you'll find what you're looking for in our wide selection of stylish family beach totes.

Our collection comes in a multitude of choices (rope handles, zip closure, or outside pockets) and combines practicality and style. The fabrics are lightweight and waterproof to ensure your comfort and easy to clean.

Large waterproof beach bag with zipper or large beach bag with pockets? canvas beach tote with rope handles or nylon fabric? Choose your beach tote according to your desires.