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City Beach Flip Flops - My Beach Bag

Beach Flip Flops

Beach Flip Flops, a summer staple

Combining comfort and style, our outdoor beach flip flops have everything to seduce you. A key piece of the summer season, these beach footwear are much more than a shoe, they are also the feeling of freedom, the desire to go for long walks or to feel the softness of the warm sand, the need to feel alive and to live in the moment.

Floral or colored models, refined or decorated with ethnic patterns? Choose your flip flop according to your desires. Our floral print options will complement your pretty new summer dress or flowy caftan.

Our city beach flip-flops collection is declined in a multitude of choices to choose from for all types of activities, including days spent lounging by the (inflatable) pool, trips to the beach, long walks around the city, or just a casual day out with friends.

With a waterproof design, a cushioned footbed, and slip-resistant sole, these flip flops are a guaranteed summer hit.