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Canvas Beach Bags

Canvas beach tote: A summer staple item

Canvas beach tote bags have always been one of the most popular choices among beach bags. Big in space and style, they made a great bring-everywhere carry all, and are perfect for day trips that have you schlepping everything and anything to and from the seaside. Plus, they also make for a stylish weekender when the opportunity arises.

Their lightweight and sturdy fabric is designed to withstand the wear and tear of summer trips, while completing your summer outfit.

Canvas Beach Bags: the perfect carry-all bags

Our oversized canvas beach bags are the perfect companion for sun-drenched days out with the kids and the strong long handles will securely carry your load. Plus, they are easy to clean off all the sand that invariably enters them.

With their stylish designs, they are as functional as they are fashion-forward and can go from business to the beach and back again.

Create the perfect beach day look by pairing our zipper beach totes with your summer outfit and custom accessories. Have a lot of things to pack? opt for our large beach tote bags and be sure to have enough space for everything you may need.