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Beach Bags

Beach Bags

The beach bag, a must-have for summer

Who could imagine a summer without a beach bag? This bag is a must-have for beach trips 🏖️ or hot day escapades. From the traditional plastic beach bags to the canvas beach tote bags, this timeless piece has adapted to stay in the air of time.

The beach bag is large enough to hold everything you need for the beach (sunscreen, bikini, books, snacks, change of clothes, flip flops...), sturdy to protect your belongings, and often waterproof for easy cleaning.
Depending on the style, it can be worn on vacation at the beach, during the weekend in the country, in the evening in the city, and even during the week to go to the office.

A wide selection of beach bags

Nowadays, the beach bag comes in a multitude of cuts, materials, and prints. Whatever your style, you're bound to find the right type of bag for you. You will have understood, we stop reserving our beach bags just for the summer or the beach and we offer them a place of choice in our everyday wardrobe.

The oversized size will be perfect for a whole family's needs, the colorful patterns 🌈 will convince most fashionistas, while the canvas fabric will ensure years of use.

Looking for a cute summer beach bag ☀️? Fall in love with our unique designs. For a casual summer look, go all out with a floral beach bag 🌻 or a rope handle beach bag that will take you straight from the beach to the bar without a headache.

In winter ❄️ and for mid-season, the beach bag has not said its last! Opt for more sober patterns or a chic straw beach bag that will adapt to any occasion.