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Which beach bag to buy for a vacation in the sun?


That's it, the sun is back and it's time to go enjoy it on our beautiful beaches! Whether you prefer fine sand or pebble beach, it is necessary to have a useful and practical bag to carry all the necessary to bask in good conditions.

Not only does it add style to your outfit, it's really perfect for bringing all your gear for your day by the sea such as glasses, towel or sunscreen.

Even on vacation, fashionistas take care of their look and style. That's why it's important to choose the ideal beach bag that fits your image and personality.

Between a chic woven straw beach bag or a canvas tote bag, which one suits you best? To help you make the right choice, this article will be of great help.

Criteria to consider before buying your beach bag

Don't throw yourself at the first beach bag that catches your eye! This choice must be thoughtful, because it must fit your lifestyle on vacation. The beach bag of a mother of 4 children will obviously not be the same as a teenager who thinks she will spend her vacations on a pebble beach. You will have understood that you will have to take into account several factors to find the beach bag that will be the most practical for you.

Choosing the right beach bag is first of all to like its look, but it's also to choose the right material or size. Zoom on the criteria to check before making your choice.

The look

Even if the look is not everything, and that you have to think about "practicality", we won't lie, we all want a nice beach bag. The beach bag is a bit like a swimsuit. Every year we want a new one. Our desires and tastes change, so we want a change, something new, something that really pleases us!


For a long time, the beach bag was considered a "tote bag" without much importance. Today, fashionistas will tell you, it is a real fashion accessory. That's why it has to be your style. Whether you like wicker beach bags or printed fabrics, it doesn't matter! It's your choice, your look. Dare to be original if you like it, or on the contrary sober if you like to be unnoticed. Feminine or more "teenager" look, it doesn't matter, the important thing is to wear your beach bag proudly.

The size

Before you decide which size beach bag to get, think about what you're going to put in it. Are you a minimalist or do you always carry a lot of stuff with you? Will the beach bag be for storing only your stuff or your whole family's stuff?

One thing is for sure, it will contain a few essentials like sunglasses, sunscreen and a beach towel. You might also want to pack a sarong, a book, some music, or even a small snack. Once you have your summer essentials figured out, make sure the bag is big enough to hold all your beach stuff.

The beach bag should be big enough to carry everything easily, but not so big that it gets in the way when you're walking along the beach.

The material

There is no shortage of choice in this area. There are a multitude of materials for beach bags: fabric, straw, canvas, cotton, plastic, etc. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Again, the important thing is that depending on your activities this summer, your stuff or your beach bag will not get damaged (by water or sand). Also think about the comfort of the material on your skin when you have to carry it on your shoulder. If you fear the touch of the straw, quickly take a beach bag in this way, even if you find the model too hot.

Ease of maintenance

This is a very important thing! Once again, choosing this criterion could be at the expense of the look or the material you want, but it is by far the most important criterion. If you want to be able to keep your beach bag for a long time, or even that it doesn't let you down in the middle of summer, you will have to make sure that it is well maintained. For that, the material must be suitable.

The different types of beach bags

As we have seen, the beach bag is a real trendy accessory of the summer. Good news, it allows you to have a wide choice as summer approaches. Here's a look at what might make you snap up for your next vacation.

Straw beach bag


The straw tote or beach bag is always in fashion. We see them everywhere. For the pool as well as the beach, it is also ideal for shopping on the beach or at the market. It has often been assimilated to the "granny bag", but today this label does not stick to it anymore. It is a must-have in the fashion world. At the beach or in the city, it can be worn everywhere.

If you like the bohemian chic look, then the beach bag type basket weave is for you. This last one is very trendy. This summer, the shape that is very popular is the round basket! It can be carried in the hand or on the shoulder if you wish.

The medium tote bag

Whether you're going to the beach alone or with friends, our medium-sized tote bag will accompany you on your way to the beach. Colorful and original, this beach bag is also very practical. You can carry your towel, a change of clothes or a book, but you can also transform it into a large handbag for a stroll along the water's edge after your beach day. A large waterproof canvas beach bag that will protect your stuff from water drops and sand.

Canvas beach bag

The canvas beach bag is very practical to store many accessories. Often equipped with different pockets, these bags are perfect for those who like to have everything at hand. The little extra, the colors proposed for the canvas beach bags are often very summery and bring pep to our look. Often, it does not fear sand or salt, because it is easy to clean.

Transparent beach bag

The transparent beach bag has a great advantage: it is waterproof! Waterproof and waterproof, it is the perfect ally for days at the water's edge where you risk getting your stuff wet. If you don't like your stuff to be visible in the bag, slip a nice removable pouch inside, in addition to the one often provided (attached to the beach bag). For those who don't like to look for their things in their bag, the transparent beach bag is ideal to see everything at a glance.

XXL beach bag

Are you planning to spend long days at the beach? You like to have a lot of beach accessories with you? Or simply your beach bag is also used to store the kids' stuff? Then this is the oversized beach bag that will accompany you on the seaside this summer.

You can put everything in it, and much more... Rather than taking a beach bag that is too small and risk it cracking under the weight, it is better to choose a bag with the right size. The jumbo beach bag can hold picnics, drinks, or even a few games in addition to all the essentials to take to the beach.

Beach Backpack


If you don't like carrying a bag over your shoulder, the beach backpack could be your new best friend. And yes, for more comfort, or by choice, the beach bag can very well be worn as a backpack. There are no rules, as long as you have enough to carry your summer essentials! And if you're tired of carrying a beach bag that's a little too "feminine" for your boyfriend's taste, there's no excuse! He could take over and you'll be free!

The essentials to take absolutely in his beach bag

  • What to protect yourself from the sun: A sun cream adapted to your skin, a lip balm with a sun protection factor, sunglasses to protect your eyes, a specific care for the hair... Put your products in a small plastic bag so that you don't dirty your bag in case they spill.
  • Snacks: Take with you small things to nibble on if you are hungry at the beach such as chips, raw vegetables, fruits and mini juice boxes.
  • A bottle of water: Or a water bottle that will keep your drink cold.
  • If you have kids: Beach toys, t-shirts to protect them from the sun's rays, hats and sunscreen for kids and water to stay hydrated.
  • Your papers: Don't take your entire wallet, just the essentials like your driver's license, some money... Put everything in a small waterproof pouch with your keys and cell phone.
  • Your beach towel: Or maybe you prefer to hold it in your hands to avoid cluttering your beach bag.

Little extras to treat yourself on the beach:

  • A book: Having a book on hand is a great idea if you're bored, it will help you escape.
  • Portable speakers: Nothing better than a little music to set the mood, especially if you are with a group of friends.
  • A game: You can take a card game like UNO for example to have fun.
  • An extra bag: Put a foldable bag in your bag to store your wet, sand-filled towel when it's time to go home.

Now you're ready to hit the beach. Have fun!