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10 Things To Have in Your Beach Bag


Summer is approaching fast and it's almost time to go on vacation! Who says vacations says beach, sand, sun, sea, sunbathing, aperitif on the terrace, outings, in short rest!

But before you can play the mermaid on the beach like Pamela Anderson in Baywatch and show off your brand new bikini, you have to prepare your famous beach bag! Which, let's face it, can be a real headache.

Between the sunscreen, the sunglasses, your favorite music, your magazine, the flip-flops, the sarong, the towel, you'll have to invest in an XXL bag but above all you'll have to make choices. Often, when you get ready to go to the beach, you realize once on the spot that you always miss an element!

To help you in this arduous task and to anticipate the last minute headache, My Beach Bag reveals the top 10 essential things to put in your beach bag.

Sunscreen cream

It is the ABC of the beach bag! You don't go to the beach without your sun cream(s) to avoid coming back in the evening completely red as a crayfish and complaining that it's burning and pulling. Otherwise you will have to spend the rest of your stay wearing a sarong.

Sun protection is therefore part of what you should put in your bag as a priority. Face cream (factor 50), body cream, milk for children, the best is to have a small kit for all your sun products. Ask at the pharmacy for the products, not everyone has the same skin type.

In addition to your cream (to be spread every two hours), don't forget to bring an oil for your hair. With the sun, salt, hair tends to be weakened and dry.

Watter Bottle

Don't forget to bring a bottle of water or a water bottle with liquid to avoid sunstroke. If you are in sunbathing mode and you don't like to swim, you must absolutely rehydrate on a regular basis. It is one of the first causes of discomfort in the summer. Wind, sun and sand dry out your mouth.

Also for your children, it is essential to always keep a bottle of water near your bag. Think of the mini-juices of fruits which bring sugar and vitamins! You can also prepare bottles of iced tea to drink. Don't wait until you are thirsty before drinking to avoid tiring your brain.

The water bottle can also be used to cool you down in case you don't have a mister! The water bottle is a concentrate of well-being.


If you are not used to the sun, if you don't wet your head, you run the risk of sunstroke and headaches. Here again, getting a heat stroke, whether for adults or children, can cause serious damage. Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, all symptoms that should alert you. You might as well avoid ending up in the emergency room at your vacation spot.


Therefore, your bag should contain a hat (straw) with a bright brim to protect from reverberation and light, or a bob. The hat, moreover, is trendy.

In short, when it comes to looks, you have the choice. To move and walk by the water, to play beach volleyball, the hat is your ally. Round hat, peaked cap, retro style hat, you can afford all fantasies.


In the middle of summer, at the seaside, with a strong sun, your eyes are at risk! Especially if you suffer from eye problems on a daily basis, it is essential to protect your eyes from UV rays.

Sunglasses offer a barrier of protection, they also allow you to contemplate the sea in all serenity and protect you from the flying sand.


For those who do not suffer from any pathology such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, you can bet on the glasses of stars in the forms, and varied colors. For the others, think of buying a pair adapted to your eyes. This summer, make your glasses a seductive asset for the comfort of your eyes.

Deodorant wipes

No need to lie to yourself. In the heat, at 30 degrees, you inevitably sweat. If you make a few sporting efforts, you are likely to find yourself with dripping armpits that are odorous to say the least!

Therefore, to avoid certain embarrassing situations favored by the proximity of the neighborhood (less than 50 centimeters between your towel and your neighbor's), it is prudent to be able to draw your deodorant at any time.

There are several products to choose from: either a deodorant stick, which is small and practical to put in a pocket, or fresh wipes, which will give you a feeling of well-being and immediate relaxation. The trick is to be able to raise your arms without spreading an unpleasant smell behind you.

A pareo

There's no point in kidding yourself. Even if you've made an effort, followed a little diet before exposing yourself in a bathing suit, the few sprains of this winter (thanks to raclette and chocolate) have nevertheless left some traces of their passage on your hips and thighs.

The Halle Berry in James Bond style swimsuit is not for you this year! But don't let that spoil the fun of walking around with your feet in the water. A sarong will save you the day to hide some unsightly curves and walk in the sea without having the impression of being scrutinized on your way and having the feeling of revealing your bulges to the whole beach.

Opt for a light veil sarong, with which you can compose different looks and styles. The must? accessorize your sarong and your swimsuit!


It's always a good idea to pack a snack for the 11am or 4pm slump. Especially if you tend to spend a lot of time on the beach.

After several minutes of crawling, there's nothing like a piece of fruit or a small vitamin bar to get your energy back. With the heat, the efforts (running around on the beach after the little one), the breakfast swallowed quickly, you are likely to have a vagal malaise if you have nothing to eat!

However, avoid chocolate bars (under the sun, these delicious sweets tend to melt), prefer cereal bars, fruit and dried fruit (grapes, apricots), which avoid the energy crash and fill you up.

Your phone

You and your cell phone? two friends for life! And inseparable! It's quite simple, it serves you and gets you out of any situation, even the most extreme!

That said, unless it is amphibious, it will not be of any use to you if you are drifting in the open sea and you find yourself stranded on a deserted island (network problem!). Before that happens, your phone reassures you and guarantees you peace of mind.

Feel like pizza on the beach? Just look on your screen? Suddenly in the mood for music? Your cell phone ensures the least of your desires. And if Bibou accidentally slips on the rocks, it allows you to call the emergency services in a perfectly efficient way!

So don't forget it when you go to the beach! In addition, most bags today have a small case for your precious phone.

Waterproof makeup

Waterproof makeup is very useful to make up a face of circumstance! Often, to go to the beach, you like to put a little touch of blush, lipstick, a bit of mascara!

Anyway, playing the naiads, it's not really your thing. But here's the thing, even without diving in head first, the heat makes you sweat. And there it is all your make-up which makes ploof!

Hello rimmel that runs and lipstick that leaves. To avoid this, remember to take a small makeup bag with water and sun resistant products.

This way, with the help of your pocket mirror, you can give yourself a makeover before going shopping when you get back from the beach.

Flip Flop

Often when you go to the beach, you put on comfortable shoes that you feel comfortable in.

If you're only 500 meters from the beach and have to go into town, you still want to look dignified and respectable. Shorts and flip-flops in tourist fashion? Not for you.


On the other hand, once you arrive on the hot sand, even very hot, you don't want to ruin your pretty moccasins. We understand you, but it's a little embarrassing to walk on hot sand.

If you've been thinking ahead, you should have a survival kit for your feet in your beach bag, in other words, spare shoes, namely flip-flops! Flip-flops are great for walking in the sand, along the water's edge or even in the water if you're worried about walking barefoot.